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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tips to ensure you get an Elegant Necktie

By Adam Hassan and M.S. | Mango Pages | 15 Sept 13

Color - Size - Pattern


A lot of men tend to select their necktie's color depending on the occasion that they are going to, and to be relatively close to their Suit's color, but also the fact is that the tie's color should be in line with the event type either formal or informal. Where, dark colors are for formal suits while light ones are for informal suits. Tie's color should be consistent with the worn shirt and jacket. Moreover, it is recommended to use the dark colors in winter and autumn, while light colors in summer and spring.

**Size** (length and width)

From first things you should focus on when choosing a tie are the length and width, they differ depending on the nature of the body, from one person to another. For example, men with broad shoulders, always need to choose ties of wide width ranging from (3.25 -3.75 inches). While, it is preferred for slim men to wear thin ties, which varies in width between (2 - 2.75 inches). And generally, it's length must extend to have a close contact to the middle of the belt on waist. As for the knot size, it should be tied of sufficient size to cover the front band of the collar.


There are many patterns (carvings) designed for the neckties, and you can choose any as you wish. Only, it is to be noted that the pattern on your necktie should be different to that on your shirt. For example, if your shirt is blueprint, completely avoid wearing a tie that contains similar pattern, as well if the shirt is dotted, you should avoid choosing a dotted ties.. And so on.

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